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Manager's Memo

Hello, I’m Selena Monreal the Station Manager for KSCK Sterling Classic Kountry.
Thank you for visiting our website and checking out what is going on here at KSCK.

We invite you to become a part of KSCK by becoming a corporate sponsor.

Sponsoring Sterling City Radio Is Beneficial!

Being a corporate sponsor for KSCK Sterling City Kountry, is a great public relations opportunity for your business.  Becoming a corporate sponsor allows your business the opportunity to show the citizens that you support their community projects.  This, in turn, can result in customer loyalty from the local residents who recognize and appreciate your investment in the city and people of Sterling. Unlike advertising dollars your Business Underwriting is considered a tax deductable donation. 

Please take the time to read our mission statement.  You will find that Sterling City Radio does more than just entertain. Not only do we disseminate information, we also serve as an educational extension for students and adult volunteers who desire to learn broadcast media.  Your investment goes toward preparing these people for employment by equipping them with a skill through our internship program. 

We ask you to please consider what part your business can play in helping KSCK get on the air.

As an individual, you can also help by making a generous donation.  Your support is very much appreciated. 

Thank you for your time and your support,


If you do not know what Business Underwriting is
please continue reading for an explanation.

As a potential underwriter for KSCK Sterling Classic Kountry you may have some questions concerning the difference between underwriting and running commercials on radio.   Maybe this short information sheet can help explain this difference.

First What is Program Underwriting?

Program underwriting is the practice by which members of the business community provide funding assistance for public radio and television programs.  In return, underwriters receive acknowledgment for their investments through tasteful on-air credits.

What is the difference between Public Radio i.e., “non commercial” and Commercial Radio Sales?

In commercial radio there is a sales representative that indeed sells “air time”.  Simply because of the nature of commercial radio,  advertisers actually buy air time. The more money the customer is willing to pay, the more time or "spots" he/she can obtain. Unlike the policy for commercial radio,  the FCC precludes public radio from selling time.

We can, however, seek support of our programming by businesses and individuals in the form of program underwriting as defined above.  Instead of a 30 or 60 second spot, we offer donor "credits" or "acknowledgments", identifying the underwriter and the goods and services they offer.

These credits are highly limited in content.  These credits generally state the name of the business, phone number, product line and location. There may be no qualitative identifiers, such as "best" or "cheapest"; nor may there be a call to action, i.e., "Call now".  Because of these very real constraints, we cannot nor do we "sell"  like commercial radio stations.   (This is how the FCC interprets things.)

"Donations" vs. "Investments"

1. Charities receive donations.

2. KSCK Public radio is not--repeat--not a charity.

All those who support the station are not making donations to a charity.  They are investing in a business--one that provides 24 hour a day service, 365 days per year.

Listeners, underwriters, and all those who provide monetary support to public radio receive something in return for their investments.   For listeners it's the on-air product.  For underwriters it's a variety of things: on-air exposure, effective targeting of public radio's special demographic audience, posturing themselves as supporters of a valuable community service, etc.

Hopefully this little bit of information has helped to clarify any confusion you might have had concerning KSCK Sterling Classic Kountry as to what it is and how it is funded.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask.