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The Mission

Do you believe that the majority of media today is controlled by just a few voices?

Do you believe that media today leans largely to the left in its messaging?

Do you believe that media today is biased against conservative ideas?

Do you believe that media today desires to squelch Christian ideas and values?

Do you believe that traditional values are under attack by the main stream media?

The answer to all of the above is yes! 
There is an orchestrated effort to silence all these and more by leftist progressives.

Main stream media has abandoned the values, principles and patriotic ideas that America was founded on.

In America today the Conservative, Christian, Traditional Value loving voice of the people is being diminished more and more by secular progressives that would love to see our voice completely silenced.

KSCK Is Different.

From day one of its beginning KSCK was founded on Conservative, Christian, and Traditional Family Values.  The main mission of the Station is to promote and broadcast those values each and every day. 

Since 2014 KSCK has consistently aired these messages throughout our broadcast day.  If you listen you will notice that almost every hour has a feature that promotes the conservative Christian teachings that many of us were brought up with and taught to value.

KSCK promotes Pro- life, Traditional Marriage, and belief in God, The Constitution, Patriotism, and other fundamentals that are a part of our great American History.

KSCK is a bastion of Conservatism that still speaks truth and not a progressive revisionist idea of what some liberals call truth.

KSCK is not for everybody.  But if you are a freedom loving, God fearing, patriotic, traditional values loving American then we are the station for you.

KSCK is not a News organization. We do entertain with great Classic Country music, but interwoven between the music, all through the day,  are messages of hope, sensibility and freedom.  Listen and you will hear it.

When you support KSCK you are insuring that the message of the Gospel and Traditional American Fundamentalism continues to be broadcast over the airwaves in West Texas.

KSCK makes no apologies for its daily programming.  And if we are not your flavor, there are other stations to tune to.

Thank you for keeping the message going with your financial support.